I am Enough

Why I created the filter

The idea behind the split-screen filter, "I am Enough", was to raise awareness on mental health and Self-love. It's a reminder: I am Brave, I am kind, I am Strong, I am Loved, and I am Enough with or without a filter.


Fighting a war inside your head 24/7 takes real strength and bravery. Never forget how strong you really are.

Check out the I am Enough

 Instagram AR filter

I am Enough Icon.png

How to use the I am Enough filter on instagram


Head to Instagram and click on "Your Story" on your homepage

Swipe right through the filters until you get to the magnifying glass icon. Select "Browse Effects"

Using the search function, type "I am Enough" and find the filter by Faye Dickinson

Click "Try It" and you should now be able to take your own filtered photo

Take your photo and add it straight to Instagram Stories by clicking "Your Story" or save it

'I am Enough' Filter Media Coverage